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The Mops. In his book Japrocksampler, Julian Cope said that Tokyo’s The Mops made “some of the most urgently deranged and euphorically disruptive music of the entire Group Sounds era.”

Tournament of Bands provides an opportunity for competitive and exhibition marching bands to perform throughout our nine-state region.

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Kroger Community Rewards Program. Please register your Kroger card with the Muhlenberg County Band Boosters!!! The band boosters will receive a contribution from Kroger for every purchase you make.

5th Degree [Dublin] (late 60’s group which we think featured country in the set): Abraham [Dublin] (early seventies group): Adolph J. Ragg/P2/P3/P4 [Dublin] (early seventies group featuring the late Robbie Walsh)

Made in New Jersey, Novell engagement ring and wedding bands are among the highest quality in the jewelry industry.

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The Planetary Group is a boutique music marketing company offering indie publicity, social media, non-commercial + college radio promotion and consulting.

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A man band (or manband) is loosely defined as a vocal group consisting of male singers, usually in their teenage years or in their twenties at the time of formation, singing love songs marketed towards women.

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Suman Entertainment employs musicians and entertainers for cruise ship gigs, and supplies Miami, Florida area with the best party bands and …

A teen group is a music act featuring several female singers who generally harmonize together. The term “teen group” is also used in a narrower sense in the United States to denote the wave of American female pop music singing groups, many of whom were influenced by doo-wop, and which flourished in the late 1950s and early 1960s …

the Artist Group. TAG Music was founded in 2015 by Gabe Saporta and Mike Carden. They quickly discovered there was was a need in the business for managers with firsthand artist experience.