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The decomposing remains of a 60-ton sperm whale exploded on a busy Taiwan street, showering nearby cars and shops with blood and organs and stopping traffic for hours.

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Reptilian. The Lacerta Files Interview with a Reptilian. First published on on on Dec 26 2004 With Added Commentary by Michael & Stephanie Relfe

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See the pictures Here you can see pictures from the Icelandic Phallological Museum. Go to the gallery.

Rees, Laurence [2017 Sept] How Historian Rees Falsifies and Invents By Panagiotis Heliotis [2017 Sept] Almost 650 teens needed medical intervention after HPV vaccine

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The megalodon shark (aka the megatooth shark, monster shark and giant white shark) is one of the most mysterious and elusive prehistoric s in the world.. At an estimated length of 45 – 60 ft. long it also happens to be the largest prehistoric shark to have ever existed and one of the most powerful predators on earth.

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In an attempt to solve some of the most enduring mysteries, a group of scientists spent several weeks diving with whale sharks in the Galapagos Islands last summer and fall.

In 2000, two studies of DNA samples from each of the whale populations concluded the northern and southern populations of right whale should be considered separate species.

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Lunch Break – 05.19.18 40 Weird pictures, GIFS and memes that were ready for the weekend last weekend.

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